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Advisory Services

We knew Cloud before it was cool

Most of Athene’s history, spanning about fifteen years, has revolved around cloud platforms and related technologies. We have helped organizations understand the cloud and adopt it to get nimble, social, and mobile. We have migrated legacy solutions, homegrown applications, and large amounts of data to cloud platforms.

We believe no two cloud implementations are alike

We help transform your great ideas into a strategic roadmap that aligns to business outcomes

Digital & CRM Strategy

Athene helps you assess your organization’s CRM maturity and create a roadmap to elevate it. We work with you to analyze your current processes, technology, tools, and user needs. We provide industry and technology trends to help you define your strategy to achieve a CRM solution that enables your organization to grow and thrive.

Business Process Optimization

CRM solutions evolve with changing business needs and a rapidly expanding array of technology options. The Athene team is always studying the latest trends and products. We work to optimize your solution and make sure that it delivers the best possible value to your organization.

Product Selection

Athene recognizes that a mature solution requires multiple components. Additionally, we believe that custom development should never be the first choice in a solution. To minimize customization, we provide you with best-in-breed product options that can be leveraged to construct an end-to-end, seamless solution.