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Global Reach. Global Support.

Highly-qualified individuals from across the financial services and technology sectors continue to be attracted to the high-growth opportunity that The Athene Group and Skience presents. The team of over 200 employees is dedicated to continually evolving the offering to help clients and business partners attain their goals.

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    Sanjeev Kumar

    President & CEO
  • Kripa Shetty

    Kripa Shetty

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Nedra Barr

    Nedra Barr

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Michelle Hester

    Michelle Hester

    Senior Vice President
  • Chris Johnson

    Chris Johnson

    Vice President
    Technical Services
  • Melanie Tekirian

    Melanie Tekirian

    Senior Vice President
    Implementation Services
  • Amaidhi Chandran

    Amaidhi Chandran

    Managing Director
    India Operations
  • Raj Ghattamaneni

    Raj Ghattamaneni

    Vice President
    Data Integration Services
  • Nitin Chopra

    Nitin Chopra

    Consulting Services
  • Christena Post

    Christena Post

    Human Resources Manager